Exploring Singapore: Hummus at Haji Lane

In the middle of clean Singapore, with all of its glass and highrise and modernity, there is one street that is a bit messy. A bit more colourful. A bit more vivid. It’s Haji lane.


Hummus at Haji Lane

Haji lane is situated in the muslim area close to Bugis. There, you can find mosques, little junk shops and plenty of vendors who offer wonderfully patterned fabrics. But when you enter Haji lane, the atmosphere shifts: It’s artsy, it’s hip – but still has this oriental touch. During the day, you will see tourists looking for clothes, urban fashionistas drinking their coffee and people enjoying themselves at the little galleries. At night, there are many bars offering live music and nice outdoor areas.

Hummus at Haji Lane

I simply love it here – so I decided to grab my camera and take some pictures during a rainy Sunday afternoon. Of course I became hungry at a certain point – so I began my quest for a nice snack. I wasn’t in the mood for a big meal, so I was happy to find the Pita Bakery in Bali lane. As soon as I read the word “Hummus”, the decision was made. So I ordered a herb pita with hummus, which turned out to be the way I like it: rich and creamy with a subtle taste of Tahin (sesame paste). Very yummy and one of the best oriental dishes I’ve had so far in Singapore. After that I needed a coffee. OM café is definitely one of the most charming places here to enjoy a steaming cup of americano.

Hummus at Haji Lane

Hummus at Haji Lane


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