6 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Bandung

Since I’ve been living in Singapore, I travelled to Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. When I booked my trip to Bandung, I expected little – the capital city of West Java is definitely not one of the international tourist places in Indonesia. The verdict? It was amazing. Here are the 6 reasons why you must see Bandung: 1. The Food. You might know what Nasi Goreng or a Sambal is. But have you ever eaten Gado-Gado, Martabak Manis or Tempeh? There are many food adventures to experience and completely new textures, fragrances and tastes to discover. And they have perfect strawberry juice everywhere! Nasi Package 2. Tangkuban Perahu. This dormant volcano is something you just must tick off your bucket list. A huge crater surrounded by stone walls, clear blue sky and the sheer eternal green landscape in the distance make a wonderful scenery. Merchants sell food like roasted corn on the cob you can snack on while enjoying the moment. BlueGingerClub 3. Kampung Daun Restaurant. Imagine a lush, colourful tropical forrest full of little wooden, private pagodas. You can just choose one of these pagodas to sit down with friends and order food and drinks – in the middle of this green paradise. They offer a variety of savoury and sweet Indonesian food, and if you are adventurous you should order some of their desserts. We had some form of fermented cake with a mishmash of coconut and kafir lime topped with – well, grated cheese. Or a very sweet tea-drink made of dried ginger with glutinous balls. Kampung Daun The weird dessert. 4. The Climate. Because of the altitude, the climate in Bandung area is much cooler and less humid than in other Southeast-Asian countries. That is not only perfect for tourists who cannot stand the heat anymore, but also for growing strawberries. So pick some yourself in one of the many farms and enjoy the breathtaking view of the Indonesian flora. The Landscape IMG_4010 5. Kawah Putih. This crater situated at the top of your mountain just one of the most amazing nature sights I’ve ever been to. I just loved it there: the light, the hills, the white mist on the crystal clear sulfur lake – a mystic, Lord-Of-The-Rings-like atmosphere. Kawah Putih 6. It’s Genuine. What fascinated me the most was that it is so genuine. This is not a trip to Bangkok. The locals are super friendly, but they often don’t speak English. You barely see non-Indonesian tourists on the streets or at the sights and it happened more than once that Indonesian boys or girls approached me asking if they could take a picture with me. BlueGingerClub … and there are many other reasons to go there: massages, factory outlets, etc. So, if you want to see a place which is not your average weekend getaway or destination on your backpacking tour, Bandung can surprise you with many things.


3 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why You Should Travel To Bandung

  1. I spent quite a long time in the area back in 1996. Thought it was ace, and I do remember gado gado, martabak and a few other local favourites quite well. Keep meaning to make a trip back to that part of the world 🙂

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